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Beaconing the Future at Thika Grove Chania

As August draws to a close, we as Finsco Africa ended the month on a high note with Launching Phase 2 of Thika Grove Chania and beginning the beaconing process for client plot identification.

A beacon in Kenya refers to a mark on the ground at the point where boundaries change direction.

This represents a significant milestone for our company, empowering our clients to easily pinpoint the plots they’ve acquired from us.

Also, it prevents misguiding the residents on their actual land sizes that they have bought and it curtails encroaching on another person’s land.

The beacons also indicate the plot number  and layout of the land as it indicates where the road will be, thereby guiding you on how you would build your home.

It ensures the record keeping process is accurate as the data on the ground and the one in the office.

In light of this, we urge prospective investors to take advantage of this opportunity to secure their financial future and enhance their wealth.

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Beacon Marking at Thika Grove Chania
Beacon Pin Installation
Beacon Marking at Thika Grove Chania


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