Location, Location, Location... But What Else? How Homeowner Priorities Shift

When it comes to residential projects the goals of the company and that of a homeowner are entirely different.


As companies prioritize profit, homeowners prioritize value, peace of mind and a place to grow their roots, as much as it seems like a conflict of interest, both parties can come to an amicable solution in navigating the complex reality of bringing the project to life.

Most Homeowners want their residences to have:

  1. State of the art amenities, this enhances the convenience of the estate ensuring residences maintain a high curb appeal.

  2. Safety and security, with a perimeter wall enclosing the entire project, and a manned security gate for accessibility purposes into the residence, this prevents certain occurences from taking place, such as petty theft.

  3. Privacy and well maintained communal spaces.

  4. Strategically located near social amenities for an improved living  experience in the estate. The amenities aren't limited to hospitals, malls, schools, churches and entertainment facilites.

  5. A controlled development with strict architectural guidelines and development regulations, promoting a well laid out estate that safeguards the clients investment.

For the entire project to succeed most firms need to understand what are homeowners in the current market looking for, this was our main vision when it came to crafting Thika Grove Chania to be a homeowners paradise.

Some of the considerations we put in place include:

  1. Offering bank financing to all our clients who had inconsistent cash flows but amazing credit, this was an amazing feat as we empowered the majority of Kenyans in becoming homeowners.

    We opened our offices and site to interested clients who explained their aspirations to us and they were able to get their needs sorted, in due time. This fostered a collaborative approach as most clients were more than determined to own their dream plots.

  2. Hosting clinic days at the estate really helped in getting consistent feedback from our valued clients when it came to the progress taking shape at the site and the direction we are heading as the developer of the project. Clients were excited with staying true to the vision of being a gated and controlled estate.

  3. Allowing clients who had completed their payments to begin fencing their plots, this was a much appreciated gesture as it motivated most clients to stick to their payment plans and also be excited in selecting their typologies for their new homes.

  4. Consistently sending them progress updates of the project from the beaconing process, tarmacking of the roads, perimeter wall construction and gate construction, has really turned Thika Grove Chania blueprint to reality. 

  5. Being willing to work within their budget, the majority of clients weren’t aware of the options available in the homeownership market, from the KMRC affordable mortgage rates and financial institutions willing to finance construction projects.

The success of residential projects lies in staying true to its vision and always walking the extra steps with your clients by informing them of real time updates, and staying faithful to the project’s deliverables. 

We urge our clients to always schedule the time to visit our project sites to be able to witness the progress firsthand, and get to interact with the site managers and property consultants at the site.

This ensures that they have adequate information when it comes to the typologies being constructed at the site, and how we will ensure sustainable practices are being upheld, such as replacing the amount of trees that will be cut down when clients begin building their homes.

Our upcoming residential project Thika Grove Chania offers a well balanced environment for homeowners looking for natures ambience with proximity to well laid out social amenities promoting a healthy lifestyle for them and their families.

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