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Title Deeds: Understanding the Foundation of Property Ownership

When it comes to real estate transactions, title deeds play a pivotal role in establishing and safeguarding property ownership. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, understanding title deeds is crucial in ensuring a smooth and secure real estate journey. In this blog, we’ll explore what title deeds are, why they matter, and how they impact your ownership rights.

What is a Title Deed?

A title deed, also known as a property deed or a deed of ownership, is a legal document that confirms a person or entity’s ownership of a property. It serves as tangible proof that the individual or entity listed on the document is the rightful owner of the property in question. The deed includes essential details such as the property’s legal description, the names of the current and previous owners, and any encumbrances or liens against the property.

Types of Title Deeds

Various types of title deeds exist, depending on the jurisdiction and the circumstances surrounding the property transfer. 

Some common types include:

1.       Certificate of Lease

Certificate of lease is the ownership document for leasehold property This Title deed is also known as Leasehold Titles. Leasehold land is one where ownership of the land is subjected to a definite period (maximum being 99 years). The lessee (occupant) holds rights to land for a specific period subject to conditions imposed on land rights by the lessor (landowner). The period can be 33, 50, 66, or 99 years for all urban plots. All plots in Nairobi County fall under this Lease Hold Titles.

2.       Absolute title deed

This type of Title deed is also known as Freehold Title. A Freehold title is where the landowner has the maximum rights to the land without any time period or any other restrictions. Once you have this type of Title Deed, the land is yours and has no conditions on ownership.

3.       Sectional Title deed

A sectional Title deed is issued to prove ownership for a unit within a building for example when you buy a house in an apartment or a flat.

4.       Certificate of Title

A title issued due to subdivision without change of user, it is under Registered Lands Act Cap 21.


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