Ujenzi na Ushirikiani: Madaraka Day At Thika Grove Chania

With Kenya celebrating 61 years of Madaraka.

At Finsco Africa we were excited to usher in the mid year in style as we invited clients for a day at the site.

We were truly grateful for the far the project has come with immense advancements done at the site , from the beaconing process, road grading, and tarmacking of the roads.

Most clients got a chance to interact with with the CRM and finance departments to learn the state of their payment schedules and how much balance they have left to complete their payments.

Also Finsco Africa Directors were present to assure clients on the direction of the project.

They were also able to have a look at the entire project in person with their portfolio managers, witnessing the transformation that has taken place since the last time they were there.

Concerns about the environmental aspect of the project soon dissipated once clients learned about the tree planting process that was to take place once construction of their houses were done to replace the macadamia trees that would be cut down during the process.

Most clients who had cleared their payments had already begun fencing their properties, in preparation for the homebuilding process.

Various house typologies were available at the site to enable the clients have a feel of how the entire residence would look like, to promote uniforminity and ensure the standards of Thika Grove Chania Estate are upheld.

This was a testament come true, as it portrayed the how the project had managed to stay on course and stay true to it's vision of a gated and controlled estate in the heart of Thika.

Clients were hopeful for a stronger and better mid year, as they saw their hard work and commitment bear fruit.

For those clients who couldn't manage to visit the site, we urge them to get in touch with the respective portfolio representatives to learn more on the direction of their property and project itself.

We sure hope to hold more client centered events for the benefit of the entire stakeholders.

Gifts were also handed out to clients as for their cooperation with us and their immense support and belief in Thika Grove Chania.

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