As a company dedicated to not only crafting dream homes but also fostering a sense of community and responsibility, We recently embarked on a heartwarming Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event at Makadara children's home. This endeavour was not just about bricks and mortar but about building hope and creating a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it the most.

We were delighted to have partnered with Mugithi Artist Samidoh, HSC, Official Ndovu Kuu, Dr Ofweneke, Blackys Lounge and Two Rivers Motors.

The event unfolded as a day filled with laughter, play, and shared moments of warmth. From interactive games and storytelling sessions, the children were immersed in activities designed to spark their imagination and create lasting memories. Volunteers from our organisation enthusiastically participated, contributing their time and energy to ensure the children felt the genuine embrace of a caring community.

The CSR event at the children's home stands as a beacon of how corporate entities can go beyond business objectives and become catalysts for positive change. By choosing to invest not just in properties but in the well-being of the community, the real estate giant has demonstrated that true success is measured not only in square footage but in the smiles it can bring to young faces.


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