Witness the Evolution: Thika Grove Progresses Towards Your Modern Dream Estate

Thika Grove Chania has experienced tremendous progress since it's launch.

With state of the amenities being constructed at the project, it's turning to be one of the most upcoming estates Thika town has ever seen.

This is in line to keeping the estate gated and controlled to the homeowners who'll be setting up residence in their new homes.

Some of the advancements in the project include;

- Gate construction, a modern gate has been constructed at the main entrance as a testament of how far the project has come up, with manned security to be placed at the gates this assures our clients of the security they'll experience at their new residences.

- Aesthetically pleasing perimeter wall construction
The perimeter wall was constructed using permacast precast fencing wall giving the project a high quality design.
This creates a sanctuary of security, privacy, serenity and quietness to homeowners within our walls.

- Tarmacked Road networks within the residence, and slip road.
Residents of Thika Grove Chania, will enjoy Tarmacked roads from the main road to their homes, this development compliments a wide range of architectural typologies that they will choose for their homes. 
The  modern and sleek appearance will enhance the curb appeal of any property within the project.

- Beaconed plot sizes.
Beacons are permanent survey marks of any kind made of concrete, iron or stones and are used to demarcate the actual boundaries between one settlement and the other.
This prevents encroachment on someone else's property and provides clarity and security to homeowners and investors allowing for efficient planning, development and utilization of resources.

- Solar Street lights.
With solar lighting gaining popularity over the past few  years, having the feature in our project was a must have as it serves our objective of maintaining an environment friendly environment for our residents.
They don't emit any harmful pollutants in the environment and ensure the public spaces and roads are well lit for pedestrians and drivers alike, enhancing overall security in the community.

Why you should consider living in a serene and gated environment at TGC;

  • Enhanced security for the residents living in the community, with the presence of gates, security personnel and surveillance systems they act as a deterrence to potential criminals.

  • Privacy is another significant benefit of living in Thika Grove. The restricted access means that only residents and their invited guests can enter the community. This reduces the likelihood of unwanted visitors and ensures a more private living environment. For individuals who value their privacy and wish to avoid the hustle and bustle of more open neighborhoods, a gated community can be an ideal choice. 

  • The design and structure of Thika Grove often foster a strong sense of community among residents. Shared amenities and communal spaces encourage social interaction and help build relationships between neighbors. This can create a supportive and friendly environment where residents look out for one another and form lasting connections.

  • Thika Grove will have well-maintained landscapes, uniform architectural designs, and strict building codes, which contribute to an aesthetically pleasing environment, and prevent the estate being overrun by unplanned development.

  • Residents living in Thika Grove will experience higher home standards, as there will be rules in place to ensure that residents don't allow their homes or yards to become untidy or create weird outdoor displays.

Clients have witnessed the transformation of Thika Grove Chania into the gated and controlled estate that they envision in their minds.

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