Upsizing with Style: Gated Communities Offer Luxury and Security

A gated community is a residential neighbourhood subgroup or housing estate that strictly controls its entrances. 

That means there are limitations to the automobiles, bicycles, and pedestrians that receive permission to be on the roads within that area. It then provides a closed perimeter of fences or walls to enhance the security of this space. 

The purpose of the gates between the walls or fences is to provide the perception of exclusivity and security more than it is to prevent or deter crime.

Many people prefer to live in a gated neighbourhood for the added security that the gated element brings.

Here are some of the reasons you should live in gated communities.

1. Safety and Security: This is usually one of the number one things people go for when looking at gated communities. They don't want just anyone being able to travel through the neighbourhood or knock on their door. 

This naturally makes people feel safer about living in a community than a typical neighbourhood as there are lower crime rates.

Key locations are manned in a perpetual manner, CCTV surveillance and access control ensure complete peace of mind.

2. Privacy and Exclusivity: While you don't necessarily have to spend a fortune for a gated community there is a sense of exclusivity that people really enjoy. Most gated communities have monitoring going on at all times so that no one can just come in and out whenever they want.

This decreases the amount of interference from the outside world.

3. Low traffic: Because only residents and their guests are travelling throughout the community,  diminishing a whole lot of unnecessary traffic. This may mean that the streets are quieter and safer and a lot of commuters will not be bothering you.

4. A Sense of Community:

One of the most gratifying experiences of a gated town is a sense of community living. Design of common, public areas and parks are intended to encourage residents to come out of their homes, and to interact, thereby fostering the community spirit.

Shared activities like festivals celebrated with neighbours and exhibitions serve to bring residents together and promote social interaction. These community activities help residents establish strong social ties.

Large community spaces enable residents to establish strong social ties and celebrate harmony together.

5. Regular Upkeep

Everyone desires their environment to be as aesthetically appealing as imaginable, but it can be strenuous sustaining a beautiful home.

Providentially, that’s not the case with the gated communities as there’s a team of diligent staff members keeping all the nuances at bay and keeping the community as alluring and captivating as possible.

6. Kid-Friendly Environment

The perplexity of raising a child by and of itself is undeniable, let alone raising one in a crowded and jam-packed living ambiance.

A gated community not only provides a capacious environment to stay in but additionally offers huge open playgrounds and pleasant provisions that are as secure as they get. Knowing that your kid is safe even when outside playing, is no short of a luxury.


Gated communities reimagine new ways of living in serene and sheltered estates away from the major disruptions of life.

For nature enthusiasts this is a perfect way to reconnect with nature in the early morning or late evenings because of the security the estate offers and open space and wide roads for cycling, walking and just letting the mind wander, allows for strengthening of relationships between families and the community at large.

You can also get the chance to invite your friends and relatives over and take them around and enjoy the amenities in the community.

For those interested in gated communities, we offer Thika Grove Chania Estate, which centers around serene living in the country side.

The prices on the phases are:

⅛ acre selling from Kes 3.5 M

¼ acre selling from Kes 6.85 M

½ acre selling from Kes 13.3 M

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