Coffee & Contracts: A Business Liaison's Journey

In today’s session of Coffee with, we have a sit down with her to discuss the behind scenes of the real estate corporate world and learning of her maverick force of winning deals at the boardroom and influencing change in her community.


  1. Jacinta would you define your leadership style, and how has it evolved over the course of your career?

    As a corporate liaison manager, my leadership style can be defined as collaborative and adaptive.

    In my role, I have received feedback from a senior developer on my leadership style during a particularly complex project.  While I prided myself on being a decisive leader, this developer felt my decisions came across as too direct at times, leaving them with little room for input on their area of expertise.

    This feedback was a valuable wake-up call. I realized that while decisiveness is important, fostering collaboration is equally crucial, especially when working with highly skilled professionals.

    I implemented various changes such as, collaborative brainstorming sessions with key stakeholders, to contribute ideas, and concerns, leading to more well rounded solutions.

  2. Can you share an example of a significant leadership challenge you’ve faced and how you handled it?

    Being in the real estate industry, I was tasked with representing our company in a high stakes negotiation, with a major commercial client, who was considering terminating their lease agreement.

    As an individual who doesn’t like confrontation, I was able to convene a meeting with all the key stakeholders, within our company to prevent the loss of such a key client, and go over possible solutions to offer to them.

    To retain the client, we negotiated revised terms that included temporary rent concessions, and a detailed plan for ongoing improvements to the property. Beyond resolving the immediate crisis, I initiated a review of our property management practices to prevent similar issues in the future.

  3. Tell us about a leader you admire, and describe a specific instance where their leadership style had a significant positive impact on an organization or team.

    One woman leader in Kenya who has significantly influenced my leadership style is Dr. Susan Mboya. 

    She is a prominent business executive and philanthropist, known for her impactful work in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. Her leadership in initiatives like the Zawadi Africa Education Fund, which provides scholarships to academically gifted girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, showcases her visionary approach.

    I do hope to positively impact and transform the lives of many individuals as she has done in her career and community.

  4. Can you share an instance where you had to adapt to a significant change or disruption in your industry? 

    One notable instance where I had to adapt to a significant change in the real estate industry, was during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic brought about unprecedented disruptions, particularly impacting how we conducted business, managed properties, and interacted with clients.

    I had to fully embrace technology, to be able to communicate with clients in real time, stay ahead of project changes and be able deliver results before the deadlines.

    At first, it was overwhelming but over time I was able to adapt in a new setting, interact with a wide range of established professionals and also grow my knowledge database.

  5. What specific personal growth habits or practices have you implemented to achieve your development goals?

    It goes without saying that my child is my world, but my work, in addition to my livelihood, is a part of who I am.

    Setting and pursuing personal development goals as both a mom and a leader involves a strategic approach that integrates professional aspirations with personal well-being and family responsibilities. 

  6. Share an instance where you stepped outside your comfort zone for a specific professional growth opportunity. What did you learn from the experience, and how did it impact your leadership abilities?

    One instance where I had to step out of my comfort zone, for the sake of personal growth, was when I decided to participate in a public speaking competition. As someone who was naturally introverted and often felt nervous speaking in front of large audiences, this decision pushed me far beyond my comfort zone.

    Through constant practice, I was able to stand before people confidently and present my ideas clearly, and implement the feedback gotten to improve on clients products and services.

    Overcoming my shyness, was a great stepping stone as it jolted my decision making skills in increasing the profitability of the services that we offer in the market, and improve on the value propositions of our partnerships.

  7. Many leaders struggle with work-life balance, especially during challenging times. Describe strategies you've implemented to maintain a healthy balance, and share a specific example of a work-life challenge you faced and how you overcame it.

    Maintaining work-life balance as a young mother, while navigating career challenges involves strategic time management, clear boundaries, flexible work arrangements, a strong support system, and a commitment to self-care.

    By combining these approaches, I can meet both professional and personal demands effectively. 

    The open communication,  delegation, and focus on family time zones helped me navigate the immense pressure effectively while maintaining a healthy balance.

As we wrap up this discussion, remember that each conversation is an opportunity to connect, learn and grow.

Keep us engaged below on what stood out for you in this segment and remember to reach out to us for accurate property insights.


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