Access to Loan Financing to build rental properties with Rent-to-Build Programme

Investing in rental properties is a time-tested path to financial growth and security. However, the journey to becoming a property owner can be challenging, especially when it comes to securing the necessary financing.

This is where our innovative Rent-to-Own program comes in, designed to empower aspiring real estate investors by offering a unique pathway to property ownership.

Read on to explore the benefits of our Rent-to-Own program, showcasing how it can turn dreams of property ownership into reality.

The Path to Property Ownership

Step 1: Property Selection

Investors begin their journey by selecting a property from our portfolio of available projects. This choice sets the stage for their future ownership.

Also it is a requirement that the investor should purchase the commercial zone of the land.

Step 2: Initial Payment

Investors make an initial payment, often lower than the traditional down payment required for a property purchase. This payment secures the property and initiates the Rent-to-Own agreement.

The contribution of the investor is as follows: 

  1. 30% contribution for the land purchase and the bank finances 70%
  2. 20% construction costs and the bank finances 80%.

Step 3: Loan Disbursement

The Bank will release the loan in project phases where the project or venture is divided into specific phases or milestones. 

These milestones represent key stages of progress, such as completion of architectural plans, foundation construction, completion of the superstructure, and so forth. Each milestone is associated with a specific disbursement of funds.

Step 4: Mortgage Repayment

Investors then pay monthly rent, a portion of which goes towards the property's purchase price. This step allows them to build equity in the property while enjoying the benefits of rental income.

.The repayment period is 20 years under an interest rate of 15%.


Our Rent-to-Own program is not just a financing solution; it's a gateway to realising your dreams of property ownership.

We believe that every aspiring real estate investor should have the opportunity to take the first steps towards building a profitable rental property portfolio. 

With flexible payment options, equity-building opportunities, and the chance to benefit from property appreciation, our program offers a pathway to financial empowerment and a secure future in the world of real estate investing. 

Join us on this exciting journey, and let's turn your property ownership dreams into reality.

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